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Through the eyes of an Olympian - A precious few of us ever get to feel the rush of a gold Olympic medal between our teeth. T|S did the enxt best ting, by inventing the CTV Sports brand for the Lillehammer Olympics. It was a rush.
Inventing an Olympic Brand for an international broadcaster, whilst adhering to the most complicated 'brand bible' on earth, was a daunting task. The T|S-designed brand was licensed to McDonalds foods, and the image was seen on millions of objects during and after the Games. And on television, all the time, around the globe. Too bad they didn't give an Olympic Gold for the T|S brand program. T|S did receive a number of internationally recognized awards for their program. We are afraid of heights, anyway.
just for fun
Taylor|Sprules has passion for what it does. We like working hard, everyone at the firm is dedicated and passionate about what they do. Every hour, every day. The Olympics provided a rare opportunity to apply a single brand to a wide vareity of two-dimensional and three-dimensional objects, along with broadcast media and moving image invention. Orchestrating such an endeavor was a big job. We do not know how many times the brand was seen around the globe, let along in space. We were told in the many hundreds of millions. Those are big numbers.
t|s services provided: identity development, total branding program/masterlook (TM), collateral design, poster design, presentation material, application to broadcast set design, application to television broadcast, application to broadcast crew apparel, souvenir and premiums, application to packaging - co-branding with McDonald's
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