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In a business dominated by individual retail health care clinics, BioPed was one of many. To ignite change, we set out to connect the humanity of their professional ethic and respectful patient interaction with the delivery of personal care and better outcomes through a comprehensive messaging and brand change.
connecting with patients
Design development of the BioPed website carefully reflected an organization underpinned by a clear medical ethic, thoughtful care and an inclusive patient-centric model. As a franchise retailer, BioPed is focused on engagement with patients as well as referring medical professionals.
custom apps
Innovation at the customer interface is difficult to realize. Through our development of a custom app, used in the patient assessment process, the messages of precise care and leadership are clearly conveyed as brand assets. The app is linked directly to and integrated with web-based apointment and client management modules, developed by T|S. "We have been working in partnership with T|S for 10 years. Their personal commitment to BioPed and our clients is very important. They not only educated our team on the importance of brand identity but worked with us every step of the way to develop a unique brand language that reflected our unique differentiators and "go-to-market" position, " said Robin Schleien, President & CEO.
a campaign that gives back
T|S is proud to play a role in the BioPed goodytwoshoes (TM) mission, which provides footwear and socks to children and adults in need. Each year, BioPed clinics close their doors and spend the day at some 25 shelters across the country where they personally fit the homeless and battered women and children with shoes and socks. T|S was entrusted with developing a stand-alone brand that captured the attention of government and the general public. BioPed is now the clear leader, with more than 70 locations coast to coast and the largest provider of non-surgical treatment for foot and lower limb conditions in Canada.
t|s services provided: advertising design, app development, collateral design, identity development, interior design, name developmenmt, messaging, presentation material, research, strategic consulting, total branding program/masterlook (TM), tradshow exhibit design, web and multimedia
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