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In 1851, the Province of Canada created its first stamp, the three-penny Beaver, designed by Sir Sandford Fleming. The challenge then and the challenge now is to fire the imagination of the public and collectors, connect past to present in a meaningful way and to capture the heartbeat of a unique event or achievement on a piece of paper not much larger than your thumbnail Feel the history?
celebrating canadian history
On 07 August 1961, thens of thousands of starstruck spectators lined the shores of Lake Ontario to witness Miss Supertest III, driven by Bob Hayward, win the prestigious Harmsworth trophy for an historica third time in a row. In 1959 it had ended 39 years of US domination of the same race. Owned and designed by a truly unique gentleman, Jim Thompson, the Canadian hydroplane featured a 2000 hp Rolls-Royce engine, originally used to power an RAF Spitfire plane in WW2.

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As wooden boat owners ourselves, we understood what a profound achievement this was and felt a deep connection to the project and an intense desire to honour the special memories. Ivan Novotny, VP Design said it best, "I was thrilled that Jim (Thompson) was able to show us Miss Supertest III. The boat feels very raw, powerful. It's very impressive. But for me, the most inspiring aspect of seeing the speedboat was watching Jim. There's something in the way he touches the boat, the way he smiles. He was talking to us, but I was watching his hand stroke the aded cracked varnish - it was as if the memories were flooding up through his fingertips."
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