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Situated across the Hudson River from Manhattan and located within an area boasting one of the highest income brackets in the U.S., TripleFive (R) is building the first indoor ski and snow attraction in the Western hemisphere at American Dream (R). We named it BigSnowAmerica (R).
building a destination brand
T|S collaborated with an international team of inspired global leaders, including landscape architect Ron McCarthy, DLR Group architects (LA) and Larry Wyatt (Pasadena) to design and create a vision of the future that would attract visitors from around the world and deliver a seminal brand experience. Inventing names such as BigSnowAmerica (R) and BaseCamp (R), developing merchandising brands and programs and delivering impactful marketing materials made our collective vision come alive and reach into everyone's imagination.
American Dream, Where the World Comes to Play
Big Snow America
inventing the future, by design
Design and creative thinking is pushing its way into the boardroom and into the back room, inventing desire. Companies recognize the power of original thought. One powerful idea, one powerful sentence, one original thought can change the world... of science, of development, of medicine, of business, of government, of security, of success, of everything. Taylor|Sprules can help you on the journey, help you build a creative culture and help you believe in ideas that seize the future by changing it. Go for it. Go for success.
t|s services provided: research, original name development, facility identity and branding, print and collateral design, presentation design.
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