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Legal Notice - Taylor|Sprules Corporation
By accessing tsworld.com you acknowledge and agree to the following:
Intellectual Property
This website contains copyright and other proprietary notices. All content of this Web site is owned or used by permission by Taylor|Sprules Corporation and is protected by applicable copyright laws worldwide. You agree to be bound by those notices and laws. By accessing this site you are not granted any rights, authorization, or license to use any of T|S's intellectual property and are expressly prohibited from doing so without the prior written permission.
Information and Errors
Information on this website may contain out-of-date information, inaccuracies, or typographical errors. Information on this site may be changed or updated without notice. T|S may also make improvements, updates, or changes to the products presented on this site or other information contained on this site at any time without notice. The information on this site is provided on an 'as is' basis.
Limitation of Warranty and Exclusion of Liability
T|S makes no representation or warranty whatever about any information contained on this website. In no event will T|S be liable to any party for any direct, indirect, special, general, consequential, economic, or non-economic damages for any use of this website, including without limitation, any loss, loss of profits, business interruption or delay, loss of data, corruption of data or otherwise, even if T|S has been expressly advised of such possibility. By using this website the user acknowledges and agrees to this limitation of warranty and exclusion of liability.
Personal Information and Privacy
T|S respects personal information that may be disclosed to T|S through this website. If you choose to provide personal information to T|S via the Internet, you do so at your own choice and consent to T|S keeping and processing such information in accordance with a reasonable standard of privacy and confidentiality. T|S keeps track of and monitors the IP addresses of site visitors. This information is maintained for internal purposes including site use, user analysis, and network security.
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